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Kelly is the highly acclaimed author of the Now Cow book series that teaches positive coping skills in a fun and relevant way.

As a mother, she values reading and instilled a love of reading in her own two children. As a counselor working with clients battling mental health and substance use issues, she utilizes mindfulness to show how to avoid agonizing over the anxiety of the future or regrets of the past by staying in the present moment.



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Illustrator John VanHout III is an amazing artist from Tampa, FL. The Now Cow Book series is his first published art, but he has been delighting friends, family, and local customers since age 5, when he picked up his first pencil and sketch pad. Follow him on Instagram #diregrizzly999.

Now Cow Helps Llama Drama.jpg
Now Cow Helps Drama Llama: A Mindful Tale for Anxiety

Drama Llama is full of anxiety and fear. Drama Llama worries about everything under the sun, snow, rain, doom, and any possible catastrophe. Now Cow helps Drama Llama learn coping skills such as mindfulness and deep breathing to see things in a new way, to be brave, and to overcome anxiety and fear.

Now Cow Helps Bad Habit Rabbit.jpg
Now Cow Helps Bad Habit Rabbit: A Mindful Tale for Changing Bad Habits

Bad Habit Rabbit has a lot of behaviors that are not helpful. He is late. He is messy. He's always rushing, never prepared, and this leads to a lack of responsibility for choices and a feeling of entitlement. Read along as Now Cow shows Bad Habit Rabbit how to turn around the downward spiral of his daily life. Now Cow Helps Bad Habit Rabbit learn to use mindfulness to improve daily life skills.

Now Cow Helps Lost My Shoe Caribou.jpg
Now Cow Helps Lost My Shoe Caribou: A Mindful Tale for Personal Responsibility

Lost My Shoe Caribou can't keep track of his things and is always having to ask his friends to help find them. He has too much stuff and his room is a mess. Read on as Now Cow guides and helps Lost My Shoe Caribou to take a minimalist approach to life and give to others along the way.



Gregory Mize, PhD

Witty, clever and accessible to kids and adults alike. A retelling of wisdom that is just as relevant as it was in the past.


Dawn Hunt

Now Cow and Drama Llama's author replaces Dr. Seuss for me for rhyming children's books! The story trips along with a nice cadence and gently teaches about calming anxiety.


Nicole Locklear, LCSW

Ms. Caleb's use of rhyme and knowledge of mental health disorders makes for a fun and educational tool for children to learn appropriate and healthy coping skills. 



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