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Teaching Kids Mindful Gift Giving

We all know that kids love receiving gifts, whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas, or other holidays. But the fact is, most kids equally enjoy giving gifts, and that is something we should definitely encourage. There are many benefits to gift-giving and many ways that we can encourage our children to become excellent gift-givers all year round. If you’re looking for a great gift to give your child, look no further than Kelly Caleb’s excellent Now Cow books about mindfulness in children.

Benefits to Children of Gift Giving

1. Increased happiness When someone your kid cares about opens a gift chosen just for them, your kid experiences one of the happiest feelings in the world. This is because gift-giving results in the release of pleasure chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. But there’s no need to tell your child that—just let them enjoy the gift of giving.

2. Reduced stress It’s been shown that when people, including kids, are feeling stressed, as they often do during the holiday season, the best solution can be to do something nice for somebody else. When they present somebody with a heartfelt gift, they get as much value from it as the person they give it to.

3. Stronger relationships It’s not surprising that gift-giving has the power to create stronger relationships. Giving someone a gift shows them that your kid cares about them. Gifts can express emotions that your child might not have the words to express.

4. Greater confidence Since gift-giving makes your kid happier and improves their relationships, they are bound to end up with more confidence. It makes sense because your child must be secure in who they are to express their feelings, and that’s exactly what giving a gift does.

5. Increased gratitude One of the greatest ways to express gratitude for the people in your child’s life is to give them a gift. When children regularly express gratitude, it improves their feelings of well-being. Not only that, but being a good gift giver helps your kid become a more grateful gift receiver.

Teach Your Kid to Be a Good Gift Giver

Not all children are naturally good gift-givers. You can easily help them with a few tips. Younger kids often think that the gift recipient would love to receive something that the child would love. Help them by asking gently if they’re sure Aunt Emma would really love a pack of Pokémon cards, or if maybe she wouldn’t prefer a nice scented candle.

Another thing kids need to learn is how to budget for gifts. If a child notices that their best friend has a much smaller TV than they do, they might be excited to buy them a newer, bigger TV. While their heart is in the right place, it will be important to discuss with them the cost of certain gifts and the appropriateness of spending the right amount on each person.

Children have great big hearts and make great gift-givers. This is definitely something we want to encourage and celebrate.

If you’re looking for a gift to help your child be more mindful of their gift-giving and everyday life, Kelly Caleb’s Now Cow books are the perfect gift for your kids.

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