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Mental healthcare individualized for you.

Mindful Psychotherapy

Mental health counseling with a mindfulness focus gently treats a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, grief, stress management, and more.

Rock Balancing

Cerfified clinical hypnotherapy helps strengthen your mind with a focus to break free of habits, fears, and negative thought patterns.

Rock Balancing
Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is an evidence-based treatment for anxiety and trauma to heal from problematic experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

Smiling Girl

Kelly the therapist there is outstanding and has had great training and experience with helping people with life challenges. Thank you very much!!

LG, Client


Clearwater, FL 

Tel: (813) 489-9112

What Happens Next?

Before your appointment:

Once you complete the contact form, our staff will contact you to schedule an appointment and will send you some intake forms to complete online prior to your appointment.

During your first appointment:

Your therapist will review your current symptoms and goals for therapy. Together, you will develop a plan for what types of therapy would benefit you the most, including how often you will meet.

Future sessions:

You may benefit from weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions toward achieving your identified goals.

Final sessions:

As you accomplish your goals, you can transition from routinely scheduled sessions to supportive as-needed therapy. 

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